General Fund
This fund covers all the expenses associated with operating the church and offering ministry in this community. It includes ongoing expenses such as electricity, gas, trash, custodial supplies, church insurance, general maintenance, office supplies, pastor and other staff salaries
Trustee Fund
It is the fund set aside for capital expenses related to the church buildings that are not covered in the general fund.  We use it for large expenses such as new carpeting, parking lot improvements and the replacement of major equipment such as air conditioning units. Routine maintenance and operational expenses relate to the church buildings are covered by the General Fund.
Mission Fund
Provides direct funding to mission projects and mission personnel. Current support involves assistance to area residents through Mount Airy Net, campus ministry at high schools and colleges, prison ministry, oversees ministries in Namibia, Ethiopia and China and volunteers in mission trips to various locations.  

Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund provides members and friends the opportunity to help build sustaining financial support for ministry and a living memorial to those whom the church has served. The Endowment represents a long-term commitment to the life of this church and to the lives of future generations. Earnings are NOT used for the regular and recurring operating expenses of the church but capital improvements. Gifts may include estate gifts, appreciated stock or other planned gifts in addition to cash or check. 

 Sunday School (Children)
Calvary's Sunday school for children ages 3 through 5th grade is a self-supported ministry, funded by our children's weekly offering and designated giving.  This fund covers curriculum, supplies, gift Bibles, upkeep and maintenance of rooms and donations to those in need as well as any other need or expense related to Children's Ministry.