Celebrate Recovery FAQ's

Q:  I am not sure if I can commit to CR regularly right now, is that OK?
A. Please come anytime you can, but, the 12-step program is most effective when the person in recovery can commit to both the large (7 pm) and small (8 pm) groups.  Your attendance there is important to your recovery and those of the group.  The open share (8 pm) group does not work the 12 steps together; therefore attendance is not as necessary.  By attending the Newcomers 101 class you could get more information before making a decision on your commitment level.

Q:  Can I come with a friend or family member to support their recovery?
A.  Yes, you are welcome to come with your loved one.  After the 7 pm large group,   you can go to a small group in which you identify with or go to the Newcomers 101class.  Remember that small groups at 8 pm are gender specific while the large group at 7 pm is co-ed.

Q:  Who can attend CR?
A: Celebrate Recovery is a ministry for the whole family and offers small groups for men and women that address a variety of issues that will provide support and a safe place to deal with the hurt and pain in our life. Childcare is provided for ages 18 months to 4 years .

Q:  How do I know if I need Celebrate Recovery?
A: If you struggle with any of the following, Celebrate Recovery can help you find  hope and healing:  dysfunctional relationships, anger, childhood hurts, chemical dependency, co-dependency, eating disorders, gambling, pornography, over-spending, emotional abuse, depression, shame and other life struggles.

Q:  Who leads the groups?
A: Our group leaders are compassionate volunteers who have struggled with their own hurts, hang-ups, habits or addictions, AND have found hope and healing through Celebrate Recovery.

Q:  How does the Celebrate Recovery program differ from Alcoholics Anonymous?
A: Although Celebrate Recovery is considered to be 12-step program, we outwardly proclaim that Jesus Christ is our “higher power,” and we firmly believe and depend upon the miracle-working power of the Lord Jesus Christ in the process of recovery.

Q:  Can a person overcome an addiction or behavior that they have struggled with for many years?
A:  We believe the answer is a resounding YES! Through prayer, the penetrating work of the Holy Spirit, a commitment to change, a system of accountability,  and the surrender of our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, we can be free of any  addiction, behavior, hurt, hang-up or habit.

Q:  What if my struggles are not related to alcohol or substance abuse?
A: We believe the biblical principles used in Celebrate Recovery are helpful for all types of addictive behaviors and anything in our lives that keeps us from being all that God has called us to be.

Q:  I have been deeply hurt and affected by my spouse's addictions.  Can you help me?
A: Absolutely.  Addiction has an impact on the entire family. Celebrate Recovery is a ministry for the whole family and offers small groups that address a variety  of issues for men and women that will provide support and a safe place to deal  with the hurt and pain in your life.

Q:  I am too embarrassed to let someone know what I am struggling with.  Can I just come and sit quietly?
A: During the large group at 7 pm, you are anonymous and not expected to share anything.  The leaders speak and run the program at 7 pm.  During the small groups at 8 pm, we will do nothing to intentionally embarrass you or shame you. We trust the safe and caring atmosphere of the group will encourage you to share your  hurts.  We believe that we are changed as we share our experience, strength and hope with others.  Please know that any information you do give is completely confidential.

Q:  Will I need to find a sponsor in the group?
A: Yes.  We also encourage individuals to establish a team of accountability people – people who can walk with you in the process, holding you accountable for different aspects of your recovery.

Q:  Does Celebrate Recovery offer in-depth counseling or clinical therapy?
A:  Although each of our group leaders has a caring heart, they are not equipped to offer in-depth counseling or clinical therapy. In the event this type of treatment is necessary, we would be happy to refer you to a qualified Christian professional.

Q:  Do I need to belong to Calvary to join the group?
A: No, you do not have to be a member at Calvary to come to CR.  You are welcome at Celebrate Recovery no matter what church affiliation you may have. If you do not have a home church, we welcome you to join us during any of our worship services.

Q:  What is an open share group?
A: An open share group is an issue specific and gender specific group that meets on Friday nights and is open to any newcomers.  Each participant can share struggles and victories for 3-5 minutes in a supportive atmosphere.  Open share groups are characterized by anonymity and confidentiality.

Q:  What is a step study group?
A: A step study group meets once a week to work through the 12 steps at a time other than Friday night.  Step groups are divided by gender, but it is not issue specific.  Celebrate Recovery has its own curriculum, and you will need to obtain the CR participants guide and CR Bible to work through the steps.

Q:  What does the term "closed group" mean?
A: A closed group is a step study group that is no longer available to newcomers by Step 4.

Q:  Do you provide childcare?
A:  There is childcare for ages 3 months to 4 years during the Friday night program.